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Friday, June 18, 2010

JUNE's Birthday.

Okay entri kali ini melibatkan ucapan. ucapan apa? lihat tajuk entri ni... JUNE's Birthday. haha. okay. okay. untuk entri kali ini saya nak berbicara didalam bahasa inggeris pulak lah. haha nak try sejauh mana grammar B.I saya. kalau ada salah dan silap didalam entri ini sorry lah. saya budak baru belajar.

First Of all. This month is full with events. especially events for the birthday for sure. We'll go for the first person who expected me most. She's younger than me and she's very very supporting. thanks girl. The person that i mean is ....

Here she is.
Her name is Fatin Munirah Bt Azizul.
applicated in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.
Penilaian Menengah Rendah candidate.
her's days to be more older is on 21 June . haha
still a student, nerdy? maybe. haha sorry ms.FATIN.
She make me as her adopted brother. To be proud. Thanks again.

We didnt recognize each other actually. so? how we can change the unkown to known?
haha. here the story. I just recognize her for this year. We're not meet each other yet. Because
we just meet in order of words in this virtual world. From this blog, Facebook and finally in the phone. thanks girl coz you stand me as your brother. im really appreciate.!


Okay, that's all about her. now lets go for the next person. Also a girl. She also expected me most most most power of three.Yeah! enough if you guys known her with FA. Her age same as me. Her's birth date near closely with mine she was 26 JUNE and me 25 JUNE. yeah! i really suprised when was informed that her's birthday close to me. By the way. Happy Birthday FA. what gift that you want?

That all about the person who i wanna to wish. hope your life shine with full of glory. InsyaAllah!
this JUNE. it was too many people who celebrating their birthday. to all who celebrating your born day in this month. "Happy Belated Birthday" i wish!

Here the birthday song that i want to sing to you.
listen carefully...
"...Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday,happy birthday bla..bla...bla....."


  1. abng , maseh terlalu awal la :DD
    haha :)) , thankss u :)
    hah ! , yg ayu tu hnyew my bestier :DD
    thankss alot abng !! :DD

  2. huh! ingatkan aweks ko td... psst... lawa la... hehehe eh! selamat ari jd jgk kat fatin wlpn aku xknal dia... hehehe


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