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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mereka !

the great freindship moments 2008,
thirsty with the happiness in that,

if can i turn back the time i'll go for awhile,
thee thou me combine in one hands to builds for the best,
this time all things was dimmed ... i guess that w
e're insaparable,
but .. but it was happend too ... time already gone ......
just quotation leaves to show the truth ...

*hah! giler la ... terniang-ngiang di telinga dan fikiran about "They"

mungkin ini permulaan bg yg terbaik dan terakhirnya, fuh!!! missing.!
OMG,masa..masa.. is jealousy with all the matters ... maybe the truth is trying to showing the real!
the song was correct, "Sebuah kisah klasik" is equal to "one classic stories" menceritakan ttg

persahabatan, misalnya hari ini akan di rindukan utk masa dpan dan seterusnya ....

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